By dansarani


December 7, 2021

Healing Rituals


One of my passions is to facilitate healing rituals. 

As noted in the book, Rituals from Birth to Earth, I started facilitating rituals many years ago, in person with Sacred Flame Circle. 

After training to become a Reiki Master, I found a teddy bear to be my focal point and started scheduling healing ritual for Mother Earth and members of SFC. Monthly we would have these rituals. 

Years later, after Sacred Flame Circle went on hiatus, I still wanted to perform healing circles. So, monthly I would schedule them for the pagan community in my area. We’d meet at a park or my yard and would generate healing energy to send out. 

Then, Covid hit. No more meeting in person. So, now I post out there on facebook and other community boards. People give me names of those they’d like to have healing sent to. It’s like a prayer list. I pull out the Reiki Healing bear, a string of yarn, and tie knots in the yarn while visualizing every name on the list. Then, using Reiki and the distance symbol, after calling in entities that would like to help with the healing…I send Reiki healing to all on the list and the ones that requested the healing for them. 

Each New Moon and Full Moon, I perform these healing rituals. 

If you’d ever like to be added to the list or have a name to add to it…..send to

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