Networking with community members

By dansarani


December 8, 2021

There was this time that someone in the community called on me because they felt their daughter was being possessed. She knew that I did house cleansings and was hoping that I could help out. Her 3 year old would sit on the floor and bang her head yelling at it to leave her alone and go away. It was getting worse and the mom didn’t want to take her to a counselor because she felt they wouldn’t take her seriously. 

I had worked with this woman before and had officiated her marriage and both baby naming ceremonies and well as had done house cleansing for each house she bought. This one felt over my head though. So, I called upon the talents of Michelle Belanger, a friend of many years. 

As a Wiccan trained Pagan, I felt I could do the cleansing part and such, but had not done much work with harmful spirits and needed the help of someone that had. Michelle was the person to call. 

I had forgotten about this story, but my girlfriend told me she had listened to a podcast recently that Michelle was a guest of and Michelle had talked about the event on there. I listened to it and it brought back all the memories. 

The dog letting us pass by on our way up the stairs to check on the child, who was sleeping. The fact that the child slept through the whole process because she was so worn out. The things that the two of us and the mother felt and saw during the removal. The dog barking at us like crazy when we came down, the spirit trapped in a set of bells. 

Michelle explained the part that she did which involved the removal and banishment of the spirit and mentioned how I used Reiki to seal the house and property. I couldn’t do the things that were done to remove the spirit, that’s why I called in the big guns. My work is mainly about protection and cleansing and healing. I was able to do all of that once the spirit was removed. 

I talk about this a lot in my teachings….network. If you don’t have the ability to do something that needs to be done, call on someone that can. With this child it was very important that the spirit was removed. 

There have been other times that I’ve called on my friends Rick and Jodi to help me clear a house. Or they’ve called on me to help remove a spirit. 

We all have different skills and things we are good at. Networking helps bring all that together so we can work together as teams. We don’t have to work solo. 

I was able to work with my Reiki and Healing skills and Michelle worked with her Tibetan Bells a Dagger and her spirit friends. Together we were able to resolve the issue. 

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