Rev. Dawn is a Priestess and Healer at heart. She has spent her life helping others and continues to do so in a spiritual way. 

She found her spiritual path more than 20 years ago and soon started her studies as a Priestess. She started with the Correllian Nativist tradition and then she moved on, creating her own path as High Priestess of the Sacred Flame Temple. Many years were spent with her eclectic spiritual group, the Sacred Flame Circle, where the members shared their unique spiritual paths with each other. 

Over time she has changed the labels of her spiritual path, Correllian Nativist and then Pagan and now Buddhist flavored Pagan or sometimes an Earth Spiritualist. She is constantly growing as a person and Priestess, never stagnant. 

Over the years,  not only has she officiated more than a hundred weddings and handfastings, she’s also officiated funerals, baby blessings, facilitated scores of Sabbat rituals and provided healing to the communities she belongs to. 

Rites of Passage

Baby Blessings

Let’s celebrate this beautiful moment in time  – an addition to the family – with a  baby blessing! 

Rites of passage are important and can be very beautiful. What better way to start a life of celebration than with a baby blessing?  I design these rituals with the help of the parent/s, pulling in the elements that are important for them. That way we can create a  theme that is most important to them in blessing the newest member of the family. 

The ritual can be about blessing the future life of the child, welcoming the arrival of a new soul into the family, promising to share with the baby a life of spirit, or gifting the baby with a name before the Gods and family. 

I’d love to help you design the celebration of the newest member of your family. 


*This can also be modified into the welcoming of any child into the family, through marriage, adoption, etc. 

Baby Blessing scripts can be found in her book Riutal From Birth to Earth.


Officiating my first funeral was terrifying as well as rewarding. I don’t want to say that I enjoy doing them, because I don’t. Losing someone and being surrounded by all that grief can be overwhelming. But, what I do find fulfillment in providing a lovely ritual that honors the person that has passed. 

Whether it is doing a cord cutting ceremony for a daughter that was lost during a simple operation procedure, or sharing all the ways a long-time community member touched many hearts, it is something small that I can do to help with the grieving of those left behind. 

Death will find all of us. I consider it an honor to help send them across the veil with love.

Funeral scripts that Rev. Dawn has created can be found in her book Riutal From Birth to Earth.

Sabbat Celebrations

As the High Priestess of Sacred Flame Temple, Rev. Dawn has led hundreds of rituals over the years, many of which are Sabbat celebrations. 

The Sacred Flame Temple is an Interfaith Ministry with an influence from many Pagan teachings and paths. As such, the Temple celebrates the turning of the wheel, the 8 Sabbats of the year. 

The New Moon and Full Moon are also important times of the month that are celebrated. 

Sacred Flame Temple has an eclectic following and therefore, does not have a specific yearly liturgy at the current time. Instead, it embraces the idea that all members can teach and all members can lead ritual. Therefore, the format and structure of the rituals can change from Sabbat to Sabbat, embracing all paths followed by the membership. 

An example of rituals we’ve used over the years can be found in Rev. Dawn’s new book Riutal From Birth to Earth.

Sacred Flame Temple

The Sacred Flame Temple was created by Rev. Dawn Earthsong in Central Ohio 2004. 

It is mainly known for its study circle, the Sacred Flame Circle. SFC was a family friendly, open circle, welcoming to anyone desiring to learn about paths of various Pagan cultures. The circle came together to study, teach each other and share in celebration. Though many of the members followed their own paths as solitary practitioners, we came together as a family, supporting each other on our individual journeys. We found there were many benefits of working together as a group, even though we were all different. 

The Sacred Flame Temple is now known for its workshops, rituals and it’s Interfaith Clergy Training Program. 

Healing Rituals

Not only is Rev. Dawn a Reiki Master, she is also a Healer in practice. She is passionate about helping the communities she is part of and uses her healing ability to help in those communities. 

Reiki Shares (gathering of Reiki healers), healing circles, salt bowl rituals, New Moon and Full Moon healing rituals….these are her calling; her way of supporting those on their journey of finding their authentic selves.