Rev. Dawn Earthsong

Priestess – Wedding Officiant – Reiki Master – Educator – Author

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Rev. Dawn Earthsong

Rev. Dawn Earthsong has been a part of the central Ohio spiritual community since 2003, a licensed wedding officiant since 2004 as well as the creator of the Sacred Flame Circle, High Priestess of Sacred Flame Temple, and a Reiki Master since 2006.

She has spent a lot of time training to be clergy and is passionate about helping others, especially those in alternative lifestyles. 

Embracing the work of Clergy and Priestess is her passion. Rites of Passage: Weddings, Handfastings, Baby Blessings, Funerals, etc. are very important to her and are actually important to communitees. She loves to help other clebrate these. 

For the past 15 years or so, she has also taken her skills on the road, presenting at alternative conferences and events in the US and Canada. 

Wedding Officiant

Over the years Rev. Dawn has had the pleasure of officiating many beautiful weddings & handfastings. She loves the idea of making the ceremony unique to each couple (or moresome).

As a licensed officiant of Ohio, she can legalize partnerships. She also sees the value in officiating alternative ceremonies. It used to be same-sex commitment ceremonies before they were legal and also includes polyamorous handfastings. And sometimes couples just want a ceremony and don’t need it to be legal. 

Regardless, Rev. Dawn enjoys creating something special for each person. 

Reiki Master

Rev. Dawn Earthsong has been a trained and certified Usui Reiki Master and Teacher since 2004. She has used her skill in this energy healing modality to help others on their healing paths, whether physical, emotional or spiritual – with many success stories over the years. Reiki sessions have been highly effective when she has worked with abuse survivors, those suffering from PTSD, depression, anxiety, body image issues, as well as physical ailments. 


Rev. Dawn is a Priestess and Healer at heart. She has spent her life helping others and continues to do so in a spiritual way. 

She found her spiritual path more than 20 years ago and soon started her studies as a Priestess. She started with the Correllian Nativist tradition and then she moved on, creating her own path as High Priestess of the Sacred Flame Temple. Many years were spent with her eclectic spiritual group, the Sacred Flame Circle, where the members shared their unique spiritual paths with each other. 

Over time she has changed the labels of her spiritual path, Correllian Nativist and then Pagan and now Buddhist flavored Pagan or sometimes an Earth Spiritualist. She is constantly growing as a person and priestess, never stagnant. 

Over the years,  not only has she officiated more than a hundred weddings and handfastings, she’s also officiated funerals, baby blessings, facilitated scores of Sabbat rituals and provided healing to the communities she belongs to. 


Over the years Rev. Dawn has taught hundreds of classes. She has taught locally in Central Ohio, as well as has expanded her reach, teaching around the country, mainly at Pagan and Alternative Lifestyle events. 

During the time of the pandemic, she has also been spending a lot of time teaching virtually and will be offering classes here on her website. 

  • Basic Pagan 101 workshops
  • Reiki 1, 2, and 3
  • Psychic Hygiene
  • Basic Energy Work
  • Sacred Touch
  • Ethics of Energy Work
  • Sacred Sexuality
  • Qadishti Work
  • Interfaith Clergy Training
  • Ritual Design

And more!

Rituals From Birth to Earth: A Journey Through the Seasons is a collection of rituals and rites of passage that have been designed and performed over the last two decades. They are a collection of rituals that are a way of honoring life’s changes and growth, both of people and Mother Earth.

This book contains the results of the author writing and officiating hundreds of rituals and rites of passage for both common situations as well as unique rituals for various alternative communities that she is passionate about.

Not only does this book contain a wealth of rites and rituals you can use, but it also includes the author’s guide on how to create your rituals!

This book contains rituals the author has created for seasonal celebrations,weddings,handfastings,baby blessings, funerals, cleansings,  and more.