Baby Blessing

By dansarani


April 6, 2022

Baby Blessing


I’ve written and performed a couple of baby blessings over the years, and I must say that it’s a true joy. 


Presenting a new life to the Gods and Goddess’s and Mother Earth. Presenting the child with it’s new name. Blessing the parents that have brought forth this child. Blessing the child as they snuggle into my arms. Beautiful. 


Baby Blessing/Naming


Items Needed:


Compass      Vial of baby oil (water/West) Box for gifts

Baby rattle (air/East) Petrified Wood (earth/North) Altar

Wand (fire/South) Small bag of Father’s soil for box Altar cloth


Set up altar with items in their corresponding directions

Room decorated as parents like

Soft music of parents choice

Priestess can hold baby or parents can


<Ring Bell>



[Priestess] visualize the room filled with white light, cleansing it of any impurities



[Priestess] visualize a circle around the room the ceremony is taking place



[Priestess] Lord and Lady, Father and Mother, God and Goddess

We have cast this circle on this night

To celebrate a new life

Which through your magick has come to us


Though she may have been known by many names before,

Her parents grant her a new name in this current life. 



[Priestess] (insert parents name), have you chosen a name for your daughter? 


[Parents] We have. We give her the name of __________________. 


[Priestess] To child: Welcome __________________. 

      Ask child: Are you ready? 




I call to the East,
Powers and creatures of Air.
Greet this child,

Help her to soar in the limitless sky of thought and imagination

Send her gentle breezes to guide her on her path.
Bless her with all the airborne powers of the East.  (shake rattle)


I call to the South,
Powers and creatures of Fire.
Greet this child,

Warm her, and strengthen her will, with your energy. 

Send her light to help her prevail in the challenges that await her. 

Bless her with all the burning powers of the South. (touch with wand)


I call to the West,
Powers and creatures of Water.
Greet this child,

Help her to swim the deep seas of emotion and empathy. 

Send her cleansing waters to cleanse her of doubts and confusion. 

Bless her with all the flowing powers of the West. (touch with baby oil)


I call to the North
Powers and creatures of Earth
Greet this child,

Help her to stand firm on Mother Earth. 

Send her rich soil to root in, and connect her with all that is. 

Bless her with all the solid powers of the North. (touch petrified wood to her forehead)




Gracious Lady

I present this child for you to behold

Let her breathe in the fresh air of your forest

Let her be as strong, free, and independent as you are. 

Guide her hunt for her own path. 

Protect her through the darkest of nights.


Gracious Lord

I present this child for you to behold

Guide her in the ways of kindness and courage. 

Let her be valiant and wise as you are. 

Warm her through the long days of learning ahead. 


Blessed Ancestors,

I present this child for you to behold

Recognize her for who she is as we place her feet on her forefathers soil. 

Guard and guide her in the coming years




Mother Goddess and Father God,

We place this box of blessings before you

We ask you to cleanse it

We ask you to bless it

We ask you to protect her blessings inside.

So mote it be.



[Priestess] to child: You have honored your mother and father by being born to them. In return, they will honor you with these vows. 


[Parents] to child: (parent’s speak their vows to their child; usually they are about honor, love, respect, protection, guiding, and such)



[Priestess] Blessed Lord and Lady. Please grant strength to ______ (baby name) mother and father. 

Grant them compassion and wisdom.

Grant them that ability to help guide her and protect her through the coming years. 

So mote it be.




May you be like the watered garden 

May you be like a flowing stream 

May you keep the moment of waking 

From the heart of a perfect dream 


May the warmth of the earth surround you 

May the passion of wonder fill your days 

May the strength of your friendships sustain you 

And you and yours be blessed always 

So mote it be.




Blessed Lord and Lady,

Our rite here is ended, but we ask that you stay close to this new family. Hold and protect them and keep them safe from those that would harm them. Grant your blessings upon all who are gathered here. So, mote it be. 


[Priestess] Visualize the circle dropping 

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