Psychic Hygiene – Shielding

By dansarani


February 15, 2022

Psychic Hygiene – Shielding


If you are Wiccan trained, one of the first things you were taught was how to shield yourself. This is because we are open energy circuits and are coming into contact with other open energy circuits on a daily basis. So, if you shield yourself, you don’t have to worry about picking up on others’ energies, or having someone pick up on yours. When you bump into someone or get too close, your energies won’t mix because you have a solid psychic bubble around you. 


Actually, what you are really told is that you need to shield yourself so that others, mainly psychic vampires, won’t steal your energy. This is what I was taught at least. It made me believe that everyone was out to steal my energy or harm me. Through time and experience, I have found this not to be true for the most part. Instead, I had built a wall between me and the world and it made it difficult for me to interact completely with the world or other people. 


Luckily not too long after learning the importance of shielding to protect myself I met a Psychic Vampire, Michelle Belanger. We became friends after I realized she had no interest in taking anyone’s energy without consent. She had found other ways to get the energy she needed, and had written books to teach people how to be ethical with their energy work. I still recommend her books “Psychic Vampire Codex” and “Energy Codex” to this day when I teach my energy classes. 


So, how do you shield if you feel the need? Personally, when I go to something like a Psychic Fair that involves hundreds of people, I need to shield. It’s overwhelming for me with that many open circuits working energetically and spiritually in one place. So, I temporarily create a shield around myself. 


I do this by taking a deep breath and centering my energy at my belly button and then imagining a solid ball around me. This can be a metal ball, brick, cement, anything solid. I tend to use glass so that I can see through it. This keeps all unwanted energies out. Well, actually it keeps all energy out, even the good stuff. 


I have to remember to take it down after the event, or I’ll start to feel numb to the world. That’s my first clue that I’ve left it up for too long. 


So, instead of shielding, I now filter instead. I learned this from Michelle and I’ll share it with you in another post.

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