Walking a Labyrinth in Columbus, SC

By dansarani


November 18, 2021

We are currently full-time RVers and while on the road, I love looking for Labyrinths. I have found them at University’s, church’s, hospitals, and retreat centers, so far. Each one has their own feeling. Their own aura. 

Today’s was at a hospital in Columbia, SC. It was in a cancer survivors garden. Beautiful! And such a feeling of peace. 

I took off my shoes and all my electronics. Then, stood at the beginning, breathing and calming my emotions. A deep breath, eyes closed and hands in the gassho position as I centered in preparation for stepping onto the path.





Then, with a clear mind, I started walking the path. If stories started in my head, I’d take a breath and let them go. I find that usually the first stories to show up are the ones that I think I should be thinking about. If I continually come back to the breath, letting the superficial stories go, it will get to a point where the deeper stories arise. The shadow stories that have been hidden but in control of my daily reactions appear. Those are the thoughts that I want to work with. 

I continue to place one foot in front of the other with focused intent and let my thoughts flow, once I get to the deeper ones. 

Once I arrive in the middle, I bow before walking in. I walk in with reverence. This is the womb. The cauldron. The cave. When I’m in the middle, I quiet the mind once again. This is the place to receive messages if there are any. 

Today, I sat in the middle and talked to myself. Talked to the God/desses. Asked questions. A few words arrived that I will take home and journal on. I will also write down the questions I had, as some of them I didn’t even know I was thinking about.

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